Teresa MacBain

Opening the door for






More people than ever are...

at a place of confusion, struggling with doubts and questions....
at a place of transition, change, new direction...
at a place of questioning...
at a place of of waiting...
at a crossroads of faith...

I know what it feels like to doubt. I've stood at the crossroads of faith and doubt, and chose the path away from God. But, I also know that God didn't walk away from me. When I was at my lowest point, I found God right there beside me. Now, I share my story to help others find peace in the midst of doubts and questions about faith and non-belief.



What people are saying.

Teresa’s story has given me so much hope! I’ve struggled with doubts for several years, and felt like I couldn’t risk talking to anyone. Knowing that someone who’s been there is speaking out, and working to create places for people to talk about their struggle is really a god-send. I’m so thankful for Teresa. She’s a pioneer in all this, and I admire her for being so brave!
Teresa...you are my Angel. Always have been and always will be. You are a living testament to the power of Faith and Love. You have been there for so many, and your strength and love has helped people get through some of their toughest moments. I am one of the lucky ones and I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed.
— Gail
Teresa MacBain
Refusing to let your past define you takes great courage. Teresa’s story shows us all that second chances do happen!
— Robert Madison
I love your story! Do not let anything silence you. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure others.
— Carol


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Opening the Door for Conversations

Teresa shares her journey from faith to non-belief and back. She understands the difficult path that those who struggle with their beliefs walk. Through her experiences, she is able to raise awareness of the struggle faced by many who doubt within religious groups.

Creating Safe Spaces

Additionally, Teresa's desire is to share with churches and other organizations to create safety and support, without judgment, for those struggling with issues of faith and doubt. 

For More Information

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Teresa's talks cover a broad range of topics related to faith, doubt, and finding support. 

Grace ReDefined: From Pastor to Atheist and Back
Finding HOPE in the Darkness
Why People are Leaving the Church
Building Safe Communities for Skeptics
Conversations Series (Customized presentation designed to engage in conversations about faith, doubt, and non-belief)
Rock Bottom: How to Climb Out of the Pit and Rebuild Your Life
No Strings Attached: How to Offer Support Without Judgment

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